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6 Foods To Avoid During Menopause

    Avoid these foods during menopause if you’re experiencing bloating!

    Bloating is a common symptom of menopause, and there are certain foods that may contribute to this symptom and make things even more uncomfortable for you. So here are some foods to avoid for menopause bloating. Avoiding these foods can help kick that bloated feeling to the curb.

    So first, fatty or greasy foods of any kind because they’re harder to digest.

    Second, spicy foods that can irritate your stomach.

    Third, dairy because lactose intolerance is really common and dairy actually causes inflammation in the body.

    Fourth, processed foods that contain a lot of salt and sugar and hidden chemical preservatives. All of these cause inflammation in the body.

    Fifth, soda or sparkling drinks, which put a lot of gas in your system.

    Number six, chewing gum, which can make you swallow air.

    Do your best to avoid these foods to help you manage your symptoms of bloating. It should be noted that the foods that are good for you during menopause are good for you at any stage in your life. It is important to build healthy eating habits that will help you during this transition.

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