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Are Dilators Helpful After Menopause?

    Are dilators my best hope after menopause?

    Up to 45% of post-menopausal women say sex is painful. One of the most common reasons is that the ovaries produce less estrogen as women approach and then pass menopause Without estrogen, the vagina doesn’t naturally stretch much, and the tissue often becomes dry and thin.

    This causes anything from a dry feeling and tightness to severe pain. After sex, it’s common for the vagina or vulva to burn or feel very sore. because this is not at all pleasurable over time. Many women choose to simply avoid sex, but inflammation can occur from infrequent sex, which when mixed with insufficient lubrication can lead to tearing and bleeding during penetration.

    Cue to the anxiety. The brain, The limbic part of the right brain learns that sex equals pain and really starts to sabotage the possibility of pleasurable sex anxiety over the possibility of having pain can make all the physical symptoms worse, and thus a vicious cycle commences.

    One proven treatment option to combat the symptoms of menopause includes using a vaginal dilator to help reshape and strengthen your vagina to relieve symptoms of discomfort and pain.

    Make sure you also use a chemical free and water free vaginal suppository to help moisturize your vagina. And lastly, you can also combat the decline in estrogen by taking bioidentical hormones or phytoestrogens. And I highly recommend exploring and trying what works for you.

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