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Does Caffeine Make Menopause Symptoms Worse?

    Should you be having your morning coffee in menopause?

    Is caffeine bad for you in menopause? That morning coffee… it’s so hard to imagine starting your day without it. But according to a study by the Mayo Clinic, caffeine in your cup of coffee just might be kickstarting one of the most common symptoms of menopause – hot flashes! If you suffer from hot flashes ladies, you’ll probably be open to giving up that morning cup of coffee.

    There’s some good and bad that comes with caffeine. While you may have fewer problems with mood, memory, and concentration, caffeine intake is associated with worse hot flashes and night sweats, and I can attest to that personally.

    This is because caffeine is a stimulant. It increases your heart rate and blood pressure, which impacts your overall health. Those who drink coffee have blood sugar, about 8% higher than those who don’t take caffeine. So after meals, your blood sugar rises higher than normal. Caffeine may make it tougher to bring it down to a healthy point.

    What can you do to make your hot flashes and health a little bit better? Limit your caffeine. And I did that and I completely went off of coffee as my hot flashes were disrupting my life. So if you want that coffee taste and you are really having a hard time to kick it, you can try a substitute.

    One that I highly recommend is Dandy Blend. It’s natural. It’s made from, yeah, you got it dandy leaves and a few other natural things. And it gives you a nice feeling that you’re having coffee without the harmful kick. Anyways, I hope this helps. If you like this video, please like, share and subscribe to our channel.

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