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How Sugar Affects Your Menopause Symptoms

    Sugar and menopause… the two don’t mix and let’s go over why it’s bad in menopause.

    Does cutting out sugar help menopause? Even if you’re not on HRT, too much sugar can worsen menopausal symptoms, sugar, and hot flashes. High blood sugar has been linked to hot flashes, so it makes sense that if sugar impacts blood sugar levels, it is also going to increase the number and intensity of your hot flashes.

    So what can you do? Avoid processed sugars. Processed sugars, sugar not occurring naturally in foods such as fruit, but rather sugar that’s added to foods and beverages. And often there’s so much in there you would not even believe. These can all make your blood sugar levels higher.

    There’s some natural sweeteners that I recommend that do not create the blood sugar spike that’s gonna contribute to weight gain and affect your hormones and, put them out of whack. And there’s two that I recommend: Erythritol  and Stevia. I prefer Erythritol – it comes from the birch tree bark where as I believe Stevia belongs to the Mint family. Make sure to try those out and say hello to the new sugar free you!

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