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How to Deal with Menopause Rage

    The best things to do from menopause rage.

    You may have experienced rage if you’re going through menopause, the slightest thing can set it off, and you might just snap at someone who totally didn’t mean to set you off. This is a common symptom that can be caused by fluctuating hormones and can be distressing for both the person experiencing it and for all of those around them. Here’s some of the best things you can do to help alleviate menopausal rage.

    1. Identify your triggers.

    You can keep track of the situations or events that tend to trigger your feelings of rage. Maybe there’s some unresolved issues in your relationship. Understand these triggers and then help avoid them or prepare yourself to respond more calmly when they occur.

    2. Practice relaxation techniques.

    Techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. These can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. And can help you alleviate the menopausal rage.

    3. Exercise regularly.

    Regular exercise can help reduce stress and promote overall physical and mental health.

    4. Talk to your healthcare provider.

    Your healthcare provider may recommend hormone therapy or other treatments to alleviate your menopausal symptoms, including RAGE.

    5. Seek support.

    Talk with friends, family members, your partner, or a mental health professional who can provide the emotional support and help you manage your menopausal rage.

    6. Consider counselling or therapy.

    Counselling or therapy can help you learn techniques to manage feelings of anger. And develop coping strategies for dealing with the menopausal rage.

    So for myself, I had these bouts where I was snapping at my partner for a really slight, unprovoked phrase. Or maybe my partner woke me up accidentally at night and sleep was vital for me and I just explode. So it’s really super important to get the help you need.

    For me, that was getting some hormone therapy. And hormone supplementations, because your hormones are going down across the board is super important. And it’s not that you’re lacking anything. Every woman is going through this downturn of hormones and a little of the hormone supplementation can help a lot.

    It’s important to note that menopause symptoms can vary from person to person, so what works for me may not work for you. I hope my story helped and these tips help you combat the rage that may arise sometime when you’re going through the menopausal transition. I hope you found this helpful and share with someone who needs this, someone you know who has the rage!

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