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“Meno Belly” is Very Real: How To Tackle The Menopause Belly

    Hey ladies! A big complaint that women have in menopause is the menopausal belly.

    This is a result of our hormones changing during this transition as a result of stress and not sleeping enough. So, what can we do to beat the menopausal belly?

    At first is to focus on diet, and we want to clean up the diet and have a very healthy diet. So, we want to avoid things like sugars, alcohols, processed foods, simple carbohydrates, those are the you know flowery foods and stuff that spike your blood sugar. So, we want to stay away from all of that.

    We want to exercise the right way during this time. And the best way I find is the high intensity interval training where you do, you know three sets of intense workout that’s going to create increase in the heart rate and put you in this optimal metabolic fat burning place and doesn’t take very much time out of your day, simple to incorporate.

    And we want to also make sure that we’re sleeping and getting an adequate amount of rest to keep the cortisol down and this is going to help you with that and a menopause belly.

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