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Should You Start Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

    Hey ladies, I get this question a lot…

    “Should I start hormone replacement therapy (HRT)? I’m in perimenopause going into approaching menopause, and what should I do during this transition?”

    So, first I want to say this disclaimer that no two women’s journeys are alike, so every woman has to look at themselves differently. What may work for one woman may not work for the other. And yes, if absolutely necessary and you’re suffering from the decline in hormones, and it’s really affecting the quality of your life, then yes, hormone therapy is an option.

    I myself personally decided to do bioidentical hormone therapy for a year and to see what happened and what would happen. And then after that year, I took a year off where I explored phytoestrogens and just trying different herbs to see that you know what would help. And I ended up circling back to another year of of bioidentical hormones which I found helped me with my hot flashes and some of my other symptoms.

    So, you know again, no two women are alike. Two other things that are a must and and necessary if you’re doing hormone therapy or if you just want to sail through this area a little bit better as you need to clean up your diet. Your diet has to be as close as natural as possible so make sure to. stay away from the chemical preservatives in foods. The pesticides, everything that disrupts your hormones, you want to stay clear of those foods and things like alcohol and caffeine, which are gonna aggravate your symptoms. You wanna stay away from that. And sugar, sugar is another big one because that’s going to contribute to your blood sugar spiking and you getting that belly fat growing and and what not, it’s a stressful time as it is in your life and you don’t wanna add by eating the wrong things.

    On to the second, exercise. Exercise is your friend during this time and you want to exercise because this is going to naturally help to boost your hormones. So your testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, all your sexy hormones are declining and exercise is going to help elevate these hormones and also help you maintain your muscle mass and your bone density and make you feel good because our moods are going to be more depressive, maybe more anxious, and even sometimes rage comes. So you want to really try to exercise to help your mood and and diet is going to help you there with your mood as well.

    I hope you find this helpful, don’t forget to check out our other blog articles for more menopause and perimenopause topics!

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