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The Dreaded Diaper Rash: What Is It & How Can You Treat It?

    Diaper rash is very common and your baby can experience it regardless of how well you have cared for it. 

    Why does diaper rash happen? 

    Your baby’s skin is delicate and can be easily irritated by urine, stools, soaps and chemicals found in baby wipes, diapers and creams.

    Conventional baby wipes are packed full of chemicals and wiping your babies’ sensitive areas gives these harmful chemicals an express ticket into their tiny bodies. 

    Diaper rash can also be caused by inadequate drying after bathing a baby because water can actually dry out your baby’s skin. 

    What can you do as a mom? 

    Change diapers often so that urine and poo is not in contact with skin for too long. Keep your baby clean, and wash their skin gently with minimal water or a wet cloth.

    Having some diaper-free time will also help. Diapers rub on baby’s sensitive skin, and irritate it further, so having some time with the diaper off allows them the opportunity to air-dry the area. Even the disposable diaper itself can cause irritation and a rash. So it’s best to use organic and reusable diapers, as disposable diapers can contain harmful chemicals. One study found harmful chemicals in babies’ disposable diapers at levels that exceeded safe limits. Check out my other video and post for more about this. 

    Use baby wipes that are water free and chemical-free. Conventional baby wipes generally are water-based which means they have chemicals, even alcohol or fragrances are especially bad when there is a rash present. Additionally, chemicals in these wipes will pass through the skin of your baby quickly, into the body. This can happen very fast through the anus.

    After cleaning with a baby-safe wipe, apply a water-free baby balm to keep moisture off of the baby’s skin. Do not use powder, such as talcum powder which may irritate the skin even more. 

    When it comes to you and your baby, this is probably not something you’d want to miss.

    Conventional baby balms and moisturizers are water-based which means they have chemicals which will be bad for the skin and health of your baby. They can contribute to many skin issues including diaper rash.

    Baby-safe, water-free baby products are the way to go because baby skin products with water contain chemicals – and we know what they can do to your baby.

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