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Caring For Your Newborn’s Umbilical Cord

    After the birth of your baby, the doctor or midwife will cut and clamp the umbilical cord from the placenta. A stump will be left behind, which will eventually fall off, leaving a cute little belly button.

    Most umbilical cords will heal without any issues, but to prevent infection, here is how you can take care of it. 

    The only thing you should do is moisturize it. It is important though to do it the RIGHT way… But there is a big mistake you should avoid. It is important to know that you should NEVER use a skin product with chemicals on your child because they have a high absorption rate through their skin. 

    One study revealed that this is due to the deficiency of the stratum corneum function which results in reduced water-holding capacity of newborn skin. Infant skin has a higher rate of water absorption and desorption compared with adults. 

    So you can imagine that they quickly absorb the water and chemical preservatives that are inside the products you are buying for them. And studies confirm. For instance, one study shows that babies have the highest concentration of the chemical preservative BPA across all age groups. 

    But back to the umbilical cord. 

    1. You should not use soap or a cleaning agent that contains chemicals. 

    Baby’s skin is thinner and more delicate than an adult’s skin, and they absorb these chemicals much faster. 

    2.  Don’t use a moisturizer that is water-based

    These moisturizers contain chemicals and we know what chemicals do to babies skin and health. 

    Exposure to these chemicals can result in development of asthma, eczema, neurological disorders, ADD & ADHD and many other chronic conditions. Why would you want to take the risk? It’s not necessary.

    Instead, choose a water-free wipe and moisturizer, because only water-free products can be chemical-free and baby safe!

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