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Teething Rash: What is it, what does it look like & how to treat it?

    Teething is always  a very difficult time during your baby’s development. Their mouth is in a lot of discomfort growing those first little teeth, which is often painful for both baby and  parent to see. There are also other problems that arise from teething, such as sleepless nights and the dreaded teething rash.

    So, what is teething rash?

    Teething rash is caused by excess saliva that babies produce when teething, which then irritates their sensitive skin. It often appears as redness on the skin around your baby’s chin, mouth, cheeks and neck. 

    What can you as a mother do about your baby’s teething rash?

    The best thing you can do as a mother is to keep your baby’s skin as dry as possible, and not irritate the skin further. Try to avoid or at least limit time using a pacifier if you use one, as this can ‘lock in’ wetness around the mouth.  

    Additionally, many things can cause irritation to your baby skins. This includes conventional baby wipes, baby lotions, baby moisturizers, shampoos, and baby oils. These products are often very irritating because they contain chemical preservatives that are added in to keep the product from spoiling. 

    In the case of the teething rash, and your baby’s health in general, it is best to use products that are baby-safe, water-free, and chemical-free. These products contain emollient plant butters and ingredients from nature that can soothe rashes and skin irritations. 

    Ultimately, teething rash isn’t nice for your baby, but it’s also nothing to worry about and will pass in time.

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