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Are Bras Bad For Your Health?

    Does your bra result in a higher risk of breast cancer?

    There’s been a huge debate over it.

    What I would say is that wearing a very tight fitting bra is like wearing a tourniquet. Because a tightly fitted bra prevents your lymph nodes from draining. 

    That’s a big thing because these lymph nodes are very important because they help you remove dangerous toxins from your body. 

    When this flow is constricted by wearing a very tight bra, it can actually slow down your body’s natural ability of removing these toxins. This creates a buildup of stagnant toxin-rich fluid that can become a breeding ground for bacteria and possibly cancer cells.

    So, here are 2 tips to avoid this risk! 

    1. Get a proper fitted bra

    Go to a store that will provide you with a professional bra fitting that measures and recommends the best bra size and type recommended for you

    2. Always take off your bra when you sleep

    Taking your bra off at night allows a chance for complete circulation in the area. This will give your body a chance to release any built up toxins.

    It’s time to make healthy choices that support your body! If changing your bra, or taking off your bra when you go to sleep could help you live a longer, healthier life, wouldn’t you want to do that? Simple changes can make a big difference in reducing your risk for breast cancer. 

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