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How Will Menopause Affect My Sex Drive?

    I often get asked… how will menopause affect my sex drive?

    Sex drive is usually affected because of the decrease in hormone production in this transition. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone are declining and that affects the libido. However, some women, the lucky ones, say they have an increased sex drive during this time. Haha, I wish.

    So what can we do for those who have a decrease so you can take a look at your lifestyle. And make some positive changes. For instance, look at your diet. Make sure you have a clean diet and make sure you have regular exercises. This is so important for testosterone production. And make sure you get plenty of rest to restore your body during this transition that has such a toll, takes such a toll on your body.

    You can talk to your partner about these physiological changes that you’re experiencing and how you know your drive is kind of decreasing and maybe make them understand that this is inevitable and there are things you can do. So one of the things you can do is take hormones and there’s if you speak to a menopause specialist, maybe they can guide you on the best option for you.

    For me, I found it was just experimenting. I tried bioidentical hormones and I was on them for a year and I found them very helpful. And then I decided to go off for a year. I just wanted to see what was happening. If I went off and if you know this drive would just you know dwindle away again and what would happen there and explore other options. So I tried phytohormones which I found very helpful but they just didn’t seem to do the trick of the bioidenticals for me. So again I returned to the bioidentical hormones but it’s different for everybody. So what works for me may work for you or may be different for you and you may need to work with both or you you can try you know other hormone therapies.

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