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Menopause: Signs & Symptoms

    What are the common signs and symptoms that you’re maybe going through menopause or approaching menopause, which is the perimenopause stage?

    The most common sign is irregular periods, so maybe you start to have periods every three weeks, every six weeks, and not your regular cycle, and the blood flow is different. Maybe it’s really intense and you’re getting like a a huge flood from my instance itself. I actually got less flow and a shorter cycle.

    So, other symptoms that you’re going through menopause or in perimenopause that you may not know and maybe aren’t so common are memory loss, mood changes like prone to depression or anxiety or rage, hair loss or hair thinning. I noticed that my hair started to really fall out. This can also be a symptom of a low thyroid, which I experienced, and so you want to check your hormones and see if there’s anything else going on.

    Skin changes, so if you look at the skin, you notice that the texture may be drier or less elastic and thinning out and this is going to happen to your exterior skin. It’s going to happen to your vagina as well.

    Weight gain is another common symptom. Women especially feel like they start to get this tire. Around the belly, which is called the menopausal belly, and this is the result of the hormone changes and increased stress during this transition.

    And last but not least, hot flashes. That’s a pretty common one. I would say second most common to the irregular periods is hot flashes. Not everybody experiences, but some women experience it really, really annoyingly and it affects their life majorly.

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