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Yoga For Fertility | Fertility Exercises

    This is for women who want to improve their chances of conception.

    From a yoga perspective, when a woman is struggling to conceive, she’s out of balance. First, her energy is pulled upwards. This is an imbalance of energy flow in the body, and second poor alignment can restrict the downward flow of energy.

    Let’s take a closer look. First, when energy is being pulled upwards, generally one feels ungrounded. They’re in their heads and they feel anxious. In the body, there may be an imbalance between apana and prana, the energy values, or the two main energy currents in the body. Prana vayu is located in the area of the lungs and the heart and provides us with energy, speed, and motivation.

    This vayu can become unbalanced when we’re mentally overactive. For instance, when we’re worried or anxious or even obsessed about something. Apana vayu is the downward current of energy that is important for the optimal function of your reproductive organs, as well as the ability to release waste from your body.

    So to recap, your energy can be pulled upwards, usually mental stress, when it needs to flow down, which brings us to our second point. Poor posture can restrict and reverse downward flow. This would be a posture that is generally a tucked tailbone and the pelvis is pushed forward causing a strain on your hip flexors and causing the pelvic floor to be closed.

    Poor, uneven muscle tone and persistent misalignment can encourage the organs in the pelvis to tilt or even prolapse. The uterus may also pull one way or the other, blocking your chance of conception. You only have a few days of the whole month where you’re able to conceive. If you get the uterus lined up and the energy balance going down and you’re relaxed, your conception rate is much increased.

    This fertility class will focus on breathing to create calmness and balance of the mind. It will also focus on hip openers to open the pelvic floor and encourage a downward flow of this apana vayu. We’ll also massage the hormone glands by incorporating twists forward bends, back bends, and head below the heart for the blood flow to the master gland the pituitary in the brain.

    From a hormonal perspective, there may be an imbalance of hormone production, so the hormones are important. So first, let’s take a look at imbalanced hormone production. In most cases, the cause is a disturbance of the balance between the male hormone androgen and the female hormone estrogen.

    Too much of the male hormone is called hyperandrogenism, and this hormone imbalance doesn’t allow a woman to maintain the lining of her uterus. It doesn’t allow for the full maturation of the molecules of the ovary, and therefore no egg is released.

    What causes excess androgen in females?

    Tumors of the ovary, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can cause too much androgen production. Cushing disease is a problem with the pituitary gland that leads to excess amounts of corticosteroid. And corticosteroids cause masculine body changes in women. It’s super important to make changes in lifestyle, to be as healthy as possible, to balance your hormones, but that’s another topic.

    And two glands can be restricted and sluggish. The ovaries, like other glands in the body have a pulse. And this pulse is important. It can be hyper or hypo. Like the thyroid. You may have heard of hypothyroidism, where the thyroid gland is sluggish and hyperthyroidism where the gland is over stimulated.

    On the ovaries this is called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, and this ovarian hypofunction indicates ovarian insufficiency. Premature ovarian failure is reduced function of the ovaries, including decreased production of hormone. The glands function and their pathways can be affected by stress, your age, poor alignment, restricting blood flow and energy flow, and also hormone therapy.

    So first, these hormone imbalances can be addressed naturally with diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and with yoga. And second, if necessary, with medical intervention. Hormone treatment is particularly suitable for women with impaired egg maturation or impaired, or no ovulation at all.

    In this yoga video for fertility, we will choose balancing breath practices to calm your mind, optimal natural alignment where the pelvic floor is open and there is even tone on all sides of our abdomen for optimal support of our internal organs and glands and pelvic floor. And postures that could help harmonize these forces, enhance the flow.

    The key things we’ll work on:

    First, our intention opening to the possibility when we align ourselves. You have the amazing potential to create a life.

    Second, pranayama or breathing techniques, a balanced breath with visualization of the energy flowing down to ground and root. However, it cannot flow down if the pelvic floor is closed.

    Third, natural alignment and hip openers to promote an open pelvic floor and directionality of energy for optimal downward flow. When you align everything up, nature will take over, it allows for miracles in a way.

    Fourth, stimulating the pulse of the various glands and creating a more balanced neuroglandular system with twists, back bends, and forward bend poses.

    So put on some comfortable clothes, grab your yoga mat, and let’s go!